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In 2002, a young MA Economics graduate from the University of Mumbai finally decided that her real calling was hairdressing. And she headed out to the holy grail of the profession - London.

After spending 6 formative years first training and then working with one of the top international brands as a Style Director and Trainer in Central London, Bina developed a sensibility and rigour that would set her apart from her peers in India.


In 2008, Bina moved back to India and joined one of the leading salon brands in North India as a Creative and Technical Head. In 2 years, while she managed to take the imagery and perception of the brand to a completely different level, she struggled to transfer her structured and systems-based philosophy to the team.

With this came a realisation - there was a fundamental difference in the way hairdressing was approached in India and the UK. It was not just a quality gap - the philosophy itself was different. While most hairdressers in the UK trained and worked in a specific system, and followed a structured and systematic approach, hairdressers in India primarily worked by judgement - by mixing and matching various techniques and tricks that they would pick up in the course of their careers.

It was then that Bina decided that the only way to do her kind of hairdressing was to start her own brand, and build a team from scratch. Coupled with a desire to stay away from the madness of major cities, she moved to Goa and started Bina Punjani Hair Studio in Miramar (Panjim) in October 2011.

Quickly realising that the kind of hairdressers she wanted to work with simply did not exist in India, and would thus need to be created, Bina set up a full fledged academy in August 2014. With infrastructure now available to train new hairdressers and re-train existing ones, she was able to generate new talent consistently. And this has allowed her to open new outlets in Porvorim, Goa Marriott and Margao.


Quality and consistency of the core offering - international hairdressing - is critical to ensuring that the brand stays ahead and is able to differentiate itself clearly. Bina plans to grow the brand further, but only if she can ensure this.  

While Bina handles the technical and quality aspects of the brand, the 'rest' - operations, strategy, growth, HR, branding etc is handled by her husband and partner, Pralay. A graduate from IIT Bombay, London School of Economics and University College of London, Pralay brings over 20 years of varied experience to the brand across industry, media and startup.



Ever wondered what makes us so good? And why your experience with us is unlike your experience at any other salon in India? Read on.


Salon brands in India predominantly work on an aggregation model - they hire hairdressers from different backgrounds with different skill sets and techniques, and put them to work. In some cases, a bit of training and 'polishing up' is done.

So, while an individual hairdresser may be good, the results vary significantly from one stylist to the other within the same brand. And, as a customer, you end up going to and getting dependent on a specific stylist. 

You options are then limited to what your stylist is good at. Trying something different is always a worry.

That's not all. Most customers accept as a given that their hair will look great only on the day it is cut and blow-dried at the salon. That it's normal for hair to look not that great and even lose shape as it grows out. With their ability to do 'jugaad', most good hairdressers have ways to achieve a good look in the salon, but very few know the right techniques to make the results last. 



At Bina Punjani, we develop our talent in-house. We do not hire stylists based on their existing client lists or skill sets - every single hairdresser is trained or fully retrained in our system of hairdressing.

Every hairdresser at Bina Punjani works within the same system - they are simply not allowed to incorporate their old ways of working into the work they do with us.

And because everyone works in the same system and speaks the same language, our stylists are able to help, guide and mentor each other on a ongoing basis.

How does it help you as a customer? 

Our system is scientific, structured and comprehensive, and on par with the best in the world. Every hairdresser at Bina Punjani is able to offer you our full range of solutions, and tailor it specifically for you.

Our signature haircuts stay in shape, are long lasting, easy to maintain and grow out beautifully. Our colour expertise ensure sophisticated, stunning results. And our straightening, smoothening and hair relaxing services great results with minimal impact to you hair. 

Simply put, we understand hair and possess unmatched expertise that comes from a structured system and a constant focus on ongoing education and development.

And you get the confidence of our brand promise and our system, whichever stylist you choose to go with. 


Our clients, from all parts of the country and many parts of the globe, often mention that our kind of expertise is simply not available anywhere else in the country. And chances are, you'll agree in your very first visit to us!

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