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At Bina Punjani Hair Studio, we deliver truly INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS of hairdressing to our clients through the  ACE  process:




Which give customized, reliable, long lasting results that stand out.


All our hairdressers work in the SAME SYSTEM - a specific set of cut and colour techniques with precise steps to be followed to achieve specific results.

For example, all our hairdressers cut a graduated bob or a one-length using a specific method. To get an idea of what our hairdressers offer, click here.


Our customer gets the exact result that she wants overall, from anyone she goes to at our salons. A common language helps us share and learn faster, and lets seniors assist and guide juniors with specific instructions and feedback.

This lets us provide high quality, reliable results at every level, ensuring high customer confidence in the brand. 



When you join us, you quickly learn techniques that let you offer more choice and better quality to your customer than most hairdressers in India. You get a great support system, where seniors (including Bina) are able to help with specific inputs.


Over a period of time, once you master the system, you are able to guide others, and develop beyond just your own chair. You are able to take up training, mentorship and leadership roles that give you great growth in the company.

For example, each of our salons has a TECHNICAL HEAD, who heads the entire salon team and makes sure all stylists are delivering high quality results using our system.

In most other salons in India, different hairdressers work using different techniques. Seniors are unable to guidance and control salon teams in specific ways, and ultimately, most of the hairdressers work and growth is limited to his or her own work.


If you're a hairdresser with 3 or more years of experience, you can start working immediately at most other salons with what you already know.

And when you leave from there, they can replace you quickly.

However, at BPHS, we need to spend time training you in our system. But after you have spent a year or two working with us (using our system), we cannot replace you quickly.

As you spend more time with us, you become even more valuable, as you can guide others and take on leadership roles. Your value goes beyond your own takings.

Quite simply, the longer you are part of BPHS, the more valuable you become to us. And your pay reflects that value.



A talented stylist with 3 years of experience can expect his take home salary to DOUBLE within 2-3 years, and more than TRIPLE within 5-6 years with us.



As you grow into a leadership role, you could be heading a salon or even a group of salon or a region. And since these roles can only be filled from within our system, you grow as the company grows.

You get more responsibility, more skills and make much more money than your peers who continues to work at other salons.





We wish to hire passionate hairdressers with 3+ years of UNISEX experience, who are looking to develop their skills, are excited by learning, wish to work at international standards and would love to be part of a cutting edge, excellence driven brand.

We do not wish to hire hairdressers for whom hairdressing is just a job or a way to make money, those that do not feel the need to develop or learn, or those think that what they already know is 'good enough'.


(and what you'll need to learn when you join us)


The foundation of all our work is our classic system.

Our classic system includes:



Partings, Section, Elevation, Cutting methods, Overdirection, Layering, Graduation, Finger Angle, Texturizing 



LINE: One Length, Forward Graduation, Box Bob

CLASSIC LAYERS: Natural Inversion, Square Layers, Round Layers

GRADUATION: Graduated Bob, Classic Graduation, Vertical Graduation

TRANSIENT LAYERS: Transient Length, Transient Cut, Transient Graduation

MENS CLASSIC: Vertical Layers, Square Graduation, Textured Crop

BARBERING: Clipper cuts & fades


Colour theory & Application Techniques

Root touch up, Global, Glossing

T Section, Half Head, Full Head Highlights


Straightening, smoothening, keratin, perm


(you should have some of these, but don't need all)


A 3-6 month course at a professional academy, with at least 6 haircuts and classic colour training. (Learning from a relative or someone who teaches in-salon doesn't really count) 


Working step by step, in sections, with a guide, using appropriate elevations and overdirection. Ability to deliver a balanced result decided in advance


Shows 'hairdressing sense' - understands what happens when elevation or angles are changes, or hair is cut by taking it in different directions


Blowdry, ironing, waves and curls


Basic colour concepts and experience in classic techniques got global, root touch up and highlights


Experience in straightening and keratin


3+ years of FULL TIME experience as a UNISEX hairdresser (Please note, entry level hairdressers are hired only from Bina Punjani Academy)


We are looking for people who will be long term prospects. If you have been changing jobs regularly, that is a major negative for us. 


Desire to learn and develop, willing to change from old methods to BPHS system, love/passion for hairdressing, desire to excel 






You can apply via whatsapp on 9834030641


Please send us your CV, current / last salary and some pictures of your work.


The CV should clearly state details of your full-time academy training, if any (attending Loreal / Schwarzkopf / Wella workshops doesn't count), the salons you have worked full-time in, along with the duration and level at each salon.


Pictures should show your haircut and colour variety. Include long, medium and short haircuts and any layer or graduation work. Do not send pics of haircuts finished with round curls - we need ot see the shape and finish of your haircut. Do not send many pictures of the same thing. Do not send more than one or two pictures of straightening or keratin work.

Please mention your current / last salary with all components - fixed salary, incentive structure, accommodation (shared/single/not provided)




If we shortlist your profile, we will connect with you via call / video call / in person. This will mainly cover the details from your application - your training, jobs, salary, reasons for leaving / changing, technical knowledge etc.

At this stage, we will also answer any questions you have about working with us, salary, growth etc (details is the next section) 


If you wish to apply and we wish to evaluate you, we will invite you for an in person interview and skill test. This will require you to demonstrate 2-3 haircuts on models or a doll head, and may require a colour demo. The interview will focus on understanding what you already know and what we need to work on with you.

This will typically take a whole day, so come prepared!

If you have to come in from another city, we will pay for your to and fro rail travel (3rd AC) and offer you overnight accommodation in our staff quarters.


If we are happy with stage 3 and you wish to join us, we will make you a formal offer. Please make sure you understand all the details before accepting, including the 2 year commitment, apprenticeship period and our salary structure.

Once you cross stage 4, you'll be welcomed into the team!!





We spend a lot of time and effort in upskilling and training you in our system to help you become much stronger hairdressers. These are skills that you can successfully use at any salon in India or across the world. Our academy graduates and previous team members are working with reputed brands in the UK, UAE, New Zealand and across India.

Because of the intensive and transformative training we provide, we require every hairdresser to work with us for a minimum of 2 years, from the day he/she starts working with clients in our salons.

During these two years, we deduct a part of your fixed salary (currently Rs. 4,000) every month for 12 months. This stays as a deposit against training provided. Once you complete 2 years, this is returned to you.

We believe we provide a work environment and growth unlike any other salon brand in India. Most of our senior team has been with us for 5 years or more, with some crossing 10 years with us. We believe we are the home that passionate hairdressers are looking for!



We understand our system is not for everyone. You are free to leave within the first 2 weeks without any penalty.

We do not believe in forcing anyone to be part of BPHS if they do not wish to. You are thus allowed to leave at any point, with one month notice.


If you do choose to leave before 2 years, you can do so by lose any deposit that has been collected or is meant to be collected from you. For example, if you leave after 6 months, you will lose 6 x Rs. 4,000 = Rs. 24,000, which is the deposit we have collected or are meant to collect against the training we provide.

Once you complete 2 years, we return the complete deposit (minus a deposit against the one month notice period).





As you know by now, all our hairdressers work in the same system (check out the 'what do our hairdressers know' section). If you have been trained in a British based system (e.g. Toni & Guy / Vidal Sassoon), you may already be familiar with some aspect of our system. But for most experienced hairdressers, it takes a few weeks or even a few months to learn our system completely.


To make sure you can start working with clients in the salon quickly, we have a transition phase where you can start working while learning our system. Please note that we need you to work ONLY in our system long term, so the transition phase is temporary.


To be able to work with clients during the transition phase,  you need to be able to do  2-3 blunt haircuts, 2-3 layered haircuts and 1 or 2 graduated haircuts. In colour, you need to be able to do global, root touch up and 1-2 types of highlights.

During the transition phase, you don't need to do everything using our system, as long as you work systematically, can produce good, reliable results, and deliver what you have offered the client.



In the apprenticeship stage, we identify what you need to be able to start working in the salon during the transition phase. For example, if you know some blunt and layered haircuts, but don't know graduated haircuts, we teach you 1-2 graduated haircuts, so you can start working.

We also teach you the fundamental concepts of our system, and develop your understanding of techniques such as use of elevation, overdirection and finger angle, techniques for layering & graduation, texturising, consultation skills etc. 

The apprenticeship stage is purely a training stage in which you may do models, but no salon clients.

During this period, you will not be paid a salary. You will have shared accommodation (if needed) and will be paid a stipend of Rs. 8,000 per month

For most experienced hairdressers, the apprenticeship period lasts for 15 to 30 days.


In some exceptional cases, the hairdresser may need a very short apprenticeship, especially if they have been working in a system similar to ours. In such cases, we may directly start you off on a salary.


Similarly, some hairdressers may need to go through a longer apprenticeship. 



After the initial apprenticeship, you will start doing clients in the salon. Typically, you will temporarily start as a Stylist or an Apprentice Stylist.

During this stage, you may consult independently with the client, but will need to check with a senior in the salon about what you plan to do.

If you are an experienced stylist, you will typically be paid at Stylist level (Rs. 15,000 - Rs. 20,000 per month + incentive (10% on services, 5% on products)) during this period.

During this period, you will be trained in our system, and are expected to start switching from your methods to our system. For example, you will be expected to learn and start using our way of doing a one length (with diagonal forward sections).

The aim of stage 2 is to convert you from your old system to the BPHS system. 


Once you know all our classics, and are able to do them in our system, you will be assigned either a Stylist or a Senior Stylist level.

The main difference between the two is that a Stylist offers only classic options, while a Senior Stylist is able to combine classics to do more customized work. For more details on the different levels, click here.

Understanding our system and then combining classics may take some time even for experienced hairdressers. In our experience, different hairdressers take different amounts of time to do this.


After the transition period, we may start you off directly as a Senior Stylist, or have you continue as a Stylist for a few weeks or months.

Typically, the transition phase from Stage 1 to Stage 3 takes 1 to 3 months. When evaluating salaries, please take this into account.





We have 4 different levels of hairdressers:

Apprentice Stylist, Stylist, Senior Stylist and Head Stylist.

To know the difference between levels, please click here.

We have very specific requirements for each level, and hairdressers progress from one level to another once they are able to demonstrate to skills required. Your level at your previous job or your previous experience does not matter. However, your previous experience may help you move up levels faster.


We have our own academy and get our entry level hairdressers (Stylists) from there. So, when we hire someone from outside, we are looking for someone we can quickly develop into a Senior Stylist. and move them up over time to a Head Stylist.


Becoming a Head Stylist requires mastery of the system and ability to guide others, so it is only people who have been in the system for a while that become Head Stylists.

A Head Stylist who is given independent charge of a salon becomes a Salon Director. You may also progress to taking technical responsibility for multiple salons in the future.

There is no fixed time or seniority required to move up levels. We have examples of people staying at Stylist level for 2-3 years, and people who have moved from Stylist to Senior Stylist to Head Stylist within 4-6 months. It depends completely on the individual hairdressers ability.



We have the same salary structure for each level upto Head Stylist.




 = 10% on all services + 5% on all products

Variable salary is paid on the full business done by you, and is not linked to a target. For example, if you do Rs. 1 lakh of services and Rs. 20,000 of product sales, you will get a total of Rs. 11,000 as variable salary (Rs. 10,000 for services, Rs. 1,000 for products)

FIXED SALARY (per month)



Rs. 8,000


Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 12,000


Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000


Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 32,000



Rs. 35,000 onwards



Rs. 40,000 onwards

For example, a Senior Stylist with a fixed salary of Rs. 25,000, who does a net business of Rs. 2 lakhs in services and Rs. 30,000 in products (variable salary Rs. 21,500) gets a TOTAL SALARY of Rs. 46,500


  • The salary structure and salary bands are fixed.

  • Your fixed salary will completely depend on your Stylist level.

  • Typically you will enter a level at the lowest point and exit at the highest point of the band. For example, when you first become a Senior Stylist, you are likely to have a fixed salary of around Rs. 22,000 per month. You will reach a fixed salary of Rs. 35,000 once you become a Head Stylist.

  • You may be paid at a higher band if you contribute in other areas such as training or makeup / hairstyling

  • Our salaries are decided purely based on what the hairdresser contributes to the brand and their stylist level. We do not decide or offer salaries based on your previous salary. It is up to you to decide whether our system and salary structure work for you

ACCOMODATION: For male stylists who come from outside the city or state of operation, shared staff accommodation is available. Food and other costs are to be covered by the stylist.

Stylists with families and female staff need to arrange their own accommodation. There is no separate allowance for this. Any increase in salary for this is added to the fixed salary itself.

LEAVE: We work 6 days a week, and the salon is open on all public holidays except 1st January. You are entitled to 2.5 days of paid leave per month worked. Leave for personal reasons is not given during peak season (October - February on Goa). If you have leave of over 30 days, you can encash part of your leave.

You also get 2 additional faith based leaves per year (2 EIDs / Christmas & Easter / Diwali or Ganpati or equivalent).

OTHER PERKS: All staff members get a number of perks, including free haircuts, colour and texture services, plus discounts for family and on products

PROVIDENT FUND (PF) AND ESIC: All staff members are enrolled in PF and ESIC (ESIC under salary of Rs. 21,000) after a probation period of 3 months, and statutory deductions are made. All PF amounts will go into a PF account in your name, which can be withdrawn by you when you leave.

LEAVING BPHS: After completing your minimum commitment of 2 years, you can leave at any time by giving 1 month notice in writing, of salary in lieu thereof. We enforce this by retaining a deposit of up to 1 month salary with us.



What is the BPHS system?

We follow a very specific British Hairdressing system for our haircut and colour. It is a set of techniques and concepts that all our hairdressers use. For example, we have a very specific way of doing a graduated bob, which is followed by everyone at BPHS.

I have been hairdressing for many years. Can I work the same way as before?

No, if you work at BPHS, you work using the BPHS system. No exceptions.

Does anyone else have this requirement?
In India, we are the ONLY brand that has this specific requirement. 


How do other brands work?
Other brands work like we do during our 90 day transition period. They allow you to use your own methods, and add new material through training. You also learn by attending workshops and masterclasses. All of this is from different systems. You then mix and match all this and work in your own way. As long as you can cut a good bob and do some layered and blunt haircuts, you are allowed to work in your own way. This is the ADDITIVE method - you add to your existing skills. At BPHS, we use the REPLACEMENT method, we completely replace what you know with our system.

How does the system help me (the hairdresser)?  
As a BPHS hairdresser, you are able to produce high quality work at international standards. You learn faster as everyone uses the same methods. You can get specific guidance on complex cases from seniors including Bina, and work with confidence. Once you master the system, you, in turn can guide others.  This lets you grow beyond your own chair - you can move on to being a team leader, trainer, a salon technical head or even head a group of salons in a city, state of region  within a few years. You grow faster and better than anywhere else.


My current salary is more than what you're offering. Why? 
When looking at your salary, please make sure you compare your total salary, not just the fixed salary. Also, do factor in living expenses (rent).

If you are coming from North India, for example, you may have a higher FIXED salary but a lower VARIABLE salary (your incentive %age could be lower, or you might be getting it only after crossing a target). You previous company may not be providing you accommodation. We do. 

Even after checking my total salary, my previous salary is higher. Why are you offering me a lower salary? And why should I join (especially at lower pay)?
For multiple reasons:

  1. Because we work in a specific system, we cannot use what you know directly - your current skills are more valuable to other salons or brands than to us.

  2. Our system makes you a much better hairdresser than you were, and very quickly. You'll be doing work that others struggle with even after decades of experience.

  3. Other salons may pay you more initially as they primarily need what you know. You add value to them. We invest in you and train you to a much higher level. We add value to you

  4. We offer much faster growth within our brand. At other salons, your pay typically rises by 10 to 15% a year. Our hairdressers grow much faster, as their value to us increases substantially the longer they stay with us. Almost all hairdressers who have stayed with us for 2 years or more see themselves way ahead of their earlier colleagues, both in skill and pay.

  5. We offer you growth beyond your chair. In other salons, you may end up doing pretty much the same job for 5 or 10 years or more. At BPHS, you will grow into mentorship, training and leadership roles, which are critical to maintain the quality of the system. Your value to us goes beyond your chair. And that's when you get paid better with us than anywhere else.

  6. We already have a level based system, with very good hairdressers at even the entry level. Hairdressers who have spent 2 or 3 years with us are most likely to be producing better quality work than hairdressers with double or triple their experience.  

  7. Working with us is an investment. We use a British hairdressing system, in which your skills develop rapidly, and are valuable anywhere in the world.

Hairdressing levels in India are quite basic, compared to international standards. If you wish to continue to work the same way as all hairdressers do in India, and earn a decent salary that goes up a little bit every year, we are not the right place for you. 

On the other hand, if you are passionate about hairdressing, wish to do better work than most other hairdressers in the country, and would like to grow into more exciting and bigger roles, then we are the place for you.

How do I decide whether I should join or not? 

You should join if:

  • you are passionate about hairdressing

  • want to work at international standards

  • are keen to learn, share and grow

  • think long term rather than short term

  • are looking to become one of the best hairdressers in the country

You should NOT JOIN if you:

  • see hairdressing simply as a way to make money

  • change jobs whenever someone offers you more money

  • just want to change jobs or change location

  • think it will be great to work in Goa

  • think you are already a rockstar and don't need to learn

  • are happy with the quality of your current work

  • looking to pick up a few tips and techniques to add to your range

I would like to join. What do I do next?

  1. Fill in this short form (click here)

  2. After filling the form, please send a whatsapp to Pralay on 9834030641

  3. Please share some pics of your haircuts and colour work on whatsapp

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