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At Bina Punjani Hair Studio, we follow a structured, systematic, process driven approach. All our hairdressers work in the same system, based on a set of classic haircuts and classic colour techniques.

We aim to identify or CHOOSE a desired result with the customer, and deliver it by EXECUTING a set of specific steps. We further PERSONALIZE the outcome for each client using methods such as adding fringes, texturizing, placement variation etc


Here's what you can expect at different stylist levels:


guided classics

We have two categories of Apprentice Stylists.


The first is typically a top academy graduate who will know most of the classic techniques and be able to execute them independently, after having got substantial hands on practice with clients at the academy

The second is an experienced stylist from outside our system, who has joined us recently, and is being transitioned to our system. They will work in a mix of system and outside techniques.

An Apprentice Stylist can execute independently, but is required to involve a senior in the decision making process. They may take a bit longer than the other levels, and offer very limited personalization.

You should choose an Apprentice Stylist if you want to get a reliable, high quality result at a lower price point, and are willing to give us a little more time.


independent classics

A Stylist can offer a full range of classic haircuts and colour, and works completely within our system.

They are required to offer options only from the classics, which covers a majority of client requirements - think of it like picking an option from a menu. They can consult with clients independently and offer some degree of personalization. They may consult with a senior on occasion. 

You should choose a Stylist if you are happy to choose a result from within our extensive range of classics and have a somewhat regular requirements.


customized hairdressing

A Senior Stylist can combine different classic techniques and concepts to offer a more personalized result to the client. They can go beyond the classics with advanced cuts and colour options such as Balayage, lowlights, root melt etc. 

You should choose a Senior Stylist if you want more personalization and a wider set of options.


mastery & mentorship

A Head Stylist has complete mastery over our system and is able to use its elements in highly creative ways to offer more variety and choice. A Head Stylist has the ability to guide and mentor other members of the team, and is responsible for ensuring high quality results for each client.

You should choose a Head Stylist if you want the very best our brand has to offer. With their vast experience and mastery of the system, they are able to create highly customize outcomes for you.


the source code

With over 25 years of experience, including a number of years with a top brand in London, Bina expertise and understanding of hair is unmatched. Our system, variations, customizations all arise from the ongoing mentorship and learning programs spearheaded by Bina.


You should choose to go with Bina is you want a truly bespoke experience with someone who can offer unparalleled understanding of your hair and craft out the best possible version of you.

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