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Offer applicable at billing stage (after completion of services):

1. Guaranteed 7% off
2. Roll a paid of dice (on the app)
3. If you get 7, you automatically get another 7% off and get to roll again
4. Keep getting ADDITIONAL 7% every time you roll a 7, and roll again
5. Game stops when you are not able to get a 7
6. If you are entitled to any other discount, you can play the game and get whichever is the higher discount
7. Roll a 7 five times in a row and get 77% off!

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1.    Offer valid on all services except bridal and makeup services
2.    Valid only for services done in one of our salons. Not applicable for at-venue services
3.    Not valid on products
4.    Discount won can only be utilized on services already done, at the time of billing.
5.    After playing the game, no additional services can be added to avail the discount
6.    Game can be played once for each bill. 
7.    Management decision is final

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