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Congratulations! If you're here, it probably means that you are seriously considering a career in hairdressing.

Which is one of the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding careers in India for a creative individual such as you.

As a hairdresser, getting the right start is critical. It can make a huge difference, not only when you start working, but throughout your career.

Quality hairdressers are in great demand. They work with the best brands and clients, get the most exciting work, grow the fastest and make the most money.

In fact, choosing the right place to learn hairdressing is probably the most critical decision you will need to make in your career.

So, whether you choose to train with us, or with someone else, I strongly urge you to do your research thoroughly before making a decision. 

Don't choose an academy because it's cheaper, or closer to your home or promises internal placement. Choose the one that you think will give you the best skills. And best prepare you for the future.


Here's wishing you an absolutely brilliant career!




The Indian hairdressing industry, until recently, has not really had much formal education. Hairdressers (and trainers) have pretty much learnt different things from different hairdressers at different points in their careers. 

The skill of the typical Indian hairdresser lies in his 'jugaad'. The ability to pick up different techniques from different sources and create his or her own brand of hairdressing. As you get more experience, you pick up more techniques, your judgement improves, and you have a better sense of how to achieve a certain look.

So, what does this mean for the customer?


One, a 'jugaad' haircut may give you a certain shape, but the haircut simply doesn't last after a wash or when it grows out.

Two, since the hairdresser 'improvises' as he/she works, you may not end up with what you had originally asked for.

Three, as a customer, you are limited to the 'comfort zone' of your hairdresser. Want a change? Not sure if your hairdresser can do it?

Four, if you, as a customer, want a change or a particular look, you are often not sure your hairdresser can deliver. An attempt to do something different could go horribly wrong!  So you find it better to be 'safe' in your choices.


Ever seen an Indian chef and a European chef cook? The Indian chef uses a lot of judgement and feel, while the European one follows a recipe or a process, working in pre-decided steps.

That's exactly what British hairdressing teaches you:

1. Identify the goal (a specific haircut or look)

2. Work out the process / steps needed

3. Execute

Adjustments and personalisation is only done right at the end.

What does the customer get? The result that he/she asked for. Something that, because it was done the right way, stays in shape, is easy to maintain and grows out really well. And access to a full range of looks - no worries about whether the hairdresser can do something or not. 

As someone trained in a British system of hairdressing, you should be able to, with a little bit of experience and the right guidance early on in your career, be able to offer a full range of superior quality work, and be able to execute it with complete confidence.

No 'jugaad', no guesswork, just consistent high quality work that'l have your customers thrilled!

Sounds good? Read on!





1. Our hairdressing courses are personally designed and taught/supervised by Bina Punjani, one of India's most respected names in hairdressing. Bina has trained and worked in London with one of the biggest hairdressing brands in the world for the first 6 years of her career, and has over 17 years of experience in the industry.


2. We teach a British system of hairdressing that is scientific, structured and comprehensive. A graduate from our system is able to offer a full range of haircuts and other hair services to international standards.

3. Our courses are taught ONLY by those who have trained and worked extensively in our system personally with Bina. All our trainers are senior members of our salon team, which means they come with extensive real life experience with real clients - we don't hire external trainers who teach unfamiliar content out of binders, or those that lack shop-floor experience.

4. When you do a hairdressing course, you want to learn hairdressing. Our course spends most of it's time teaching exactly that. We don't spend much time on telling you about products, like many other courses do.


5. We offer a wider range, more depth and greater detail than most other courses. 

6. Ours course is intensive and hand-on. We teach using theory, demonstrations and detailed in-house videos. And spend a LOT of time letting the student use their own hands, under guidance and supervision. Hairdressing is a practical skill, so we spend a lot of time getting you to practice.

7. Our students almost always outperform students from any other academy in the country. Graduates from many of the best courses often lack skills we consider basic - blowdrys, precise haircuts, essential knowledge of hair colour etc.

8. We train, and we make you practice. We don't make you stand around in salons and watch other people work, except very selectively towards the end of the course, when it actually helps. We definitely don't include 'salon experience' as a substantial part of the course, simply because no decent salon is going to let an untrained or partly trained person touch their clients.

9. We train in small batches of maximum 10 students, and currently do only three batches a year. So you get individual attention, and substantial inputs from Bina.

10. At the end of the course, we offer you the chance to work alongside our stylists on quite real clients through the apprenticeship program. You also get to be part of any in house training that we do, and bring in your own models. This prepares you to start working as a paid stylist with confidence from day 1.

(Note: this is available to only those who have satisfactorily completed the course to our required standards)


We are located in Goa, the most exciting destination in the country. Where you can work hard during the day, and make the most out of your evenings and weekends!

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