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The 'Ambassadors of Change' program is an ongoing outreach initiative by Bina Punjani Hair Studio, in which dramatic and customised hair makeovers are done with a select set of people who are highly active on social media.


Over the last 9 years, we at Bina Punjani Hair Studio have built up a reputation for unmatched hair expertise, not just within Goa, but at a national level. However, we wish to go beyond this. We are a brand that looks at hairdressing not just as an expert service, but as a way to impact and transform people’s personalities and lives. 

We wish to work with people like you who are highly active on social media, with strong levels of engagement and interactivity with their audience, for a very specific reason. That your audience knows you well - knows exactly what you look like, how you present yourself and your overall persona. And would thus immediately notice and react to a major transformation in these.

Through a customized hair transformation, we aim to excite and thrill you personally - because when you realize how much of a difference it has made to you, everyone else will too. Thus making you a true Ambassador of our #bethechange philosophy.



Each Ambassador will personally consult with Bina to plan a customised transformation. Images and videos will be made available to you after the transformation. You are also encouraged to create and customise your own content in line with your own platform in the form of posts, stories, live broadcasts etc.

You are free to share as much as you wish to on your own profile. We do not wish to have any mandatory requirements, as we believe that it is your genuine excitement that will help us connect meaningfully with wider audiences.

Typically, a transformation will involve a customised haircut and colour service with Bina (we may do it at one time or in two stages). Depending on the requirement, we may include a frizz control, styling or other service. All of this will be discussed and mutually agreed upon in advance.
Please note that the AoC program is a 'CHANGE' program. We will discuss the makeovers with you in advance, and if you’re not comfortable going for a change, you can opt out before the makeover, without obligation. 

Apart from the makeover itself, we will require the following:

  • Availability for 3 additional brand activities during the association period (styling, shoot, tutorial etc). This will typically be a one day (or less) activity, and will be discussed with you in advance. These are in-house activities – in case of paid projects by third parties, you will be offered separate compensation

  • Availability for one group shoot with all the ambassadors together

  • Credit and tag us in all images / videos provided by us that are posted on your social media 

  • Hair credit in any image / shoot that prominently features your hair

  • Post / story / tag / check in whenever you get a service done with us (i.e.during a salon visit)


As our hair ambassador, we would like your hair to look great at all times, and are happy to maintain your hair for the entire period of association as detailed below.



As our hair ambassador, you will receive:

  • Rs. 10,000* worth of complimentary cut, colour, texture and styling services (at salon rates), to be utilized within 1 year of the first makeover

  • You can additionally avail services at discounted rates:

    • 50% off for haircuts

    • 30% off on all other services (excluding bridals)

    • 10% on products 

    • 15% off on all services for immediate family/close friends (upto 5 persons)


Note: you can avail these discounted services at any time during the 1 year period, even when you have not exhausted your budget of Rs. 10,000. You may choose to, for example, pay for your haircuts (as they are 50% off) and utilize your budgets for services such as colour / texture, where the discount is lower @30%

*No more that Rs. 6,000 can be utilized in the first 6 months. The budget is specifically for hair, but you can avail upto Rs. 2,000 on no hair services, if you wish (facials, manicure, pedicure etc)




  • Each ambassador can offer 1 haircut makeover voucher per month as a giveaway on their primary social media platform, through a post / story (or equivalent). Winners to be mutually selected

  • 10% off on all services to your followers for 1 year (they simply need to show us that they are following you on their instagram)

  • Hairstyling and makeup may be provided to you in case you’re doing an interesting collaboration with other brands. This will be decided on a case to case basis and will require credits to be provided

  • We are open to interesting collaborations with the right profile of brands, and can consider partnering on a case to case basis

  • Preference to be given for third part collaborations

  • We may do additional activities with you, for which the services involved will not be chargeable. For example, we may invite you for a complimentary pedicure or a facial, which you can cover on your profile



  • No social media activity with any salon brand in Goa

  • No restrictions on activities with hair related product companies (hair care, styling etc), but please do inform us / check with us

  • No haircut, colour or texture services at any other salon



You can discontinue the program at any time. The budget of Rs. 10,000 will be offered subject to fulfilment of the essential requirements – coverage of the makeover, availability for additional activities, credits, check ins etc (details in ‘essentials’ section above). In case you wish to discontinue earlier, the budget will be proportionately reduced (ie in you leave in 6 months, your budget will be Rs. 5,000).
You can also opt out of the program before your first makeover, with no commitment or obligation. In case you wish to opt for something more basic / less dramatic (e.g. a haircut or a treatment only), we can discuss a smaller scope of engagement.


for those finalized as Ambassadors only. If you are interested or are discussing joining the program, please use the link below


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