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The 'Ambassadors of Change' program is an ongoing outreach initiative by Bina Punjani Hair Studio, in which dramatic and customised hair makeovers are done with a select set of people who are highly active on social media.


Over the last 9 years, we at Bina Punjani Hair Studio have built up a reputation for unmatched hair expertise, not just within Goa, but at a national level. However, we wish to go beyond this. We are a brand that looks at hairdressing not just as an expert service, but as a way to impact and transform people’s personalities and lives.

We wish to work with people like you who are highly active on social media, with strong levels of engagement and interactivity with their audience, for a very specific reason. That your audience knows you well - knows exactly what you look like, how you present yourself and your overall persona. And would thus immediately notice and react to a major transformation in these.

Through a customized hair transformation, we aim to excite and thrill you personally - because when you realize how much of a difference it has made to you, everyone else will too. Thus making you a true Ambassador of our #bethechange philosophy.

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